How It Works


Who are Auction Club and why should I trust you?

Auction Club is a business operated by Level Ten Securities Pty Limited. ACN 108 969 517, a wholly owned Australian company established 2007 based in Queensland.

Why should I make a BID?

Auction Club offers the opportunity to win an auction where the winning bid may only be a fraction of the retail price of the item. Additionally, your bid is only one of a limited number of bids.

How does this compare to games of chance?

Auction Club's auctions have a set number of bids. If there are 2,000 bids set, your chance of winning would be 1 in 2,000.

Some lottery websites display odds in excess of 1 in 40 MILLION chances.

How could I WIN?

The winner of the competition is determined by the lowest unique bid as detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

The simple steps are:

1.    As with any auction you must Register your name and contact details.

2.    Should you wish to place a bid you will need to buy some "Bid Credits" then select the Auction Category that you want to place a bid on then click on "Bid Now"

3.    Select either:

(a)    Single Bid and enter a whole dollar amount that you would be happy to pay for the item should your selection be the lowest unique bid; or

(b)    Quick Pick where you will be offered a set of Bid amounts to choose. Make your choice remembering that the amount you choose will be the amount you pay for the item should it be the lowest unique bid.

4.    The WINNER is determined by the lowest unique bid detailed within our Terms and Conditions the notified by Auction Club via email.

Note: Full instructions are also provided on screen when you click on "Bid Now" or you can see a "How to Play" video here.

Can I choose any item within a category?

Yes. An example being that if you chose to bid in the "Prestige" category you can choose any one of the items within that category.

Why Reverse Auction?

A reverse auction gives everyone the same chance of winning an amazing prize. It’s not about having the biggest bank balance and then outbidding all others. You just need to come up with a number that no one else has chosen.

The members of Auction Club know that some of the items on offer are far out of reach for most people. By supporting the concept, every day people have a chance to win extraordinary prizes.

When does the auction end?

Auctions end when the pre-determined numbers of credits are sold or as determined by the Terms and Conditions.

How much does it cost to Register and be a member?

Registration is free.

How much does it cost to Bid?

The cost of a bid is listed within the Auction Category.

Bids are made using Bid Credits where One Bid Credit costs One Dollar. The cost of a bid varies between categories but typically just $5.00 to enter our luxury watch category competition and $10.00 for the Prestige Category Competition.

Do I get a receipt of my purchase?

Yes. If you buy online, you will immediately be emailed with confirmation of your purchase. Details of the competition(s) you have entered can also be seen in your personal Account (you will need to be logged in).

If you do not receive confirmation of your purchase, or if you cannot access your personal Account, please contact us on XXXXXXXXXXX.

Are there any special offers for buying more than one ticket?

YES! The more different bids you place the more chance of selecting a unique amount. Also Auction Club's "Quick Pick" guarantees a unique number when first selected. Could your unique bid make you a winner?? Only time will tell!

What can I win?

The winner of each Auction can choose an item from the list of items detailed in that category and pay the Seller only the winning bid amount.

When are the results announced?

Results are announced within 5 business days after the competition has reached it's total of number of bids. Results will be posted on our website, and the winner notified via the email address listed against their registration details.

 What if I don't win?

You can either forfeit your bid credits thereby supporting the winner or, as detailed with the Terms and Conditions, use the value of your bid credits toward the purchase of the item you bid for within a period of time as defined within the Terms and Conditions.

If you do not win we will email you the results. We will also display the results and details of the winner on this website. Also, you can log in to your Account to check the results and see how close you were to the lowest unique

How can I get further information?

Contact us now via our Contact Page or email us at and we will get straight back to you.